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Preventing Prostatitis: Effective Methods for Office Workers Who Sit for Long Hours

Prostatitis is a disease-specific to men, and its incidence is very high. Among the many factors that trigger prostate disease, sedentary behavior is one of the major causes. Paradoxically, many people inevitably become sedentary because of their occupations.


Why sitting for a long time will cause prostatitis? How to do if sedentary office workers want to prevent prostatitis?

Sitting still for a long time can slow down the blood flow of the pelvic floor, affecting blood circulation and putting the pelvic floor in a state of congestion. The prostate in the perineum, close to the bottom of the pelvis, sitting for a long time will put the prostate in a constant state of congestion, thus inducing prostatitis; the main symptoms are endless urination, urinary divergence, and perineal swelling pain. Many sedentary men hold their urine because they are busy at work, which can easily cause reflux, thus inducing prostatitis.

Sedentary workers can improve their lifestyle habits in the following ways to prevent prostatitis effectively.

1. Do Moderate Activity. Men should stand up and move for a few minutes every hour of sitting; they can get a glass of water to drink or go to the toilet. After sitting for a long time, they should stand up and stretch, which can relieve muscle stiffness and pain and promote blood circulation, stretching the waist when the appropriate pat on the waist and hips. However, be sure to control the action, not too fast and too fierce.

2. Keep a Good Sitting Posture. Correct sitting posture can avoid prostatitis. When a man sits, keep his back straight and don't cross his legs or lie down. Try to make portions slightly apart, to be a little wider than shoulder width; this can also reduce the pressure on the buttocks and help promote blood circulation. Men can also intentionally or unintentionally transplant the center of gravity from the left hip to the right hip or from the right hip to the left hip, moving back and forth to avoid the center of gravity on one side.

3. Do Lifting Exercises. Just as holding the bowels, lifting the anus, and then relaxing it, along with abdominal breathing, can relieve urinary incontinence and prevent hemorrhoids. It also benignly massages the prostate and effectively improves penile erection problems.

4. Drink More Water. Drinking plenty of water can flush the urethra and reduce the irritation of the urethra by prostate fluid. In general, the discharge of prostate fluid is minimal. For men with long intervals between urination, prostate fluid accumulates and concentrates in the posterior urethra for an extended period, which may cause irritation of the urethra and easily induce infection.

5. Avoid Holding Urine. Being sedentary often leads to holding urine, which is also a significant cause of prostatitis. The long-term state of holding urine will make the urine concentrated, and this focused urine contains a large number of urine harmful substances; the deposition of harmful substances will damage the prostate, resulting in prostate hyperplasia. Therefore, sedentary men are more unable to develop the habit of holding urine.

These are how sedentary people can effectively prevent prostatitis, and adhering to these good habits can reduce the impact of being sedentary on the prostate. The prostatitis problem is very serious; if not treated in time, it may cause other complications that jeopardize men's health. Prostatitis patients can take traditional Chinese medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to eliminate the symptoms and causes of the disease and completely cure prostatitis.

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