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Does Chronic Prostatitis Stand Between You and Love? With the Right Treatment, Your Intimate Life Remains Unaffected!

Chronic prostatitis is a common male genitourinary disease, and there is an increasing rejuvenation trend. Many young guys get this disease at a young age. These young patients not only suffer from the disease but even feel that they are not qualified to have a girlfriend. 


Could it be that chronic prostatitis patients are not worthy of having a girlfriend?

Young patients with chronic prostatitis often feel they're unworthy of having a girlfriend. A significant reason is the fear that their condition might affect their sexual performance, leaving their partner unsatisfied. Some worry that intimacy could exacerbate their symptoms or even transmit the condition to their partner, leading to significant psychological stress. 

In reality, while chronic prostatitis might relapse, with the right treatment, it doesn't hinder intimate relations. They are entirely worthy of having a girlfriend!

First, let's look at how chronic prostatitis affects men's sex life. The vast majority of this disease will not affect the sexual function of men. On the one hand, it has no adverse effect on penile erection function because penile erection is mainly related to penile cavernous body vasodilatation; on the other hand, this kind of patient can generally normal ejaculate, and regular ejaculation is also conducive to the discharge of prostatic fluid, which is of positive significance to the treatment of prostatitis.

Secondly, moderate sex life during treatment is helpful for the recovery of chronic prostatitis. This is because a proper sexual life can discharge prostate fluid, the tension of the prostate envelope will be reduced, and the patient's perineal swelling and other symptoms of prostatitis will be improved. Therefore, it is good for the recovery of the prostate. However, too frequent sexual life will aggravate the patient's fatigue and perineal swelling and pain, so it is necessary to control the number of times they do not indulge in sex.

Finally, about 90% of chronic prostatitis is caused by non-bacterial infectious factors, which are not contagious and can not be transmitted sexually to your girlfriend. Only a small number of chronic prostatitis is caused by mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococcus, and other particular pathogens infection, which can be sexually transmitted. For such patients, prohibiting sexual intercourse during treatment or using condoms for protected intercourse can also effectively prevent transmission to girlfriends. 

Therefore, it is possible to have a proper sex life during the treatment of chronic prostatitis, and young male patients should not have a heavy burden of thought. However, the prerequisite is that the correct treatment must be taken. Otherwise, it may lead to recurrent attacks. Patients can take oral patent traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can comprehensively regulate the patient's genitourinary system, thus more conducive to eliminating inflammation and alleviating the pain.

At the same time, patients should adjust their lifestyles in daily life, pay attention to their daily diet, not eat spicy and stimulating foods, eat more nutritious fresh vegetables and fruits, and drink more water every day to replenish the body's moisture and promote the body's metabolism; ensure a good night's sleep and appropriate physical exercise to enhance immunity.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all the patients again that chronic prostatitis is not an incurable disease; as long as the correct treatment is taken together with adjusting life habits, it can be overcome. Male patients should enhance their confidence in treatment, maintain a good state of mind, and firmly believe that as long as they are actively treated, they can regain their health.

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