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Prevention of Acute Prostatitis Recurrence

Acute prostatitis is a serious bacterial infection of the gland. This kind of infection is a medical emergency. It should be different from other forms of prostate disease, such as chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.


Men with prostatitis often have chills, fever, sore lower back and genital area pain, urinary frequency, urgency and burning, or often urinatie at night, body aches and pains and a demonstrable of urinary tract infections. White blood cells and bacteria can be found in the urine. Acute prostatitis may be one of prostate biopsy complications.


Antibiotics is the most common treatment of acute prostatitis. Acute prostate infection can be cured with antibiotic in a short time. Appropriate antibiotics should be used, based on microbial causing infection. Traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute prostatitis can also reach the goal of treatment in a short while. With proper traditional Chinese medicine, acute prostatitis can be treated in about 2 weeks.


As the bacteria infection is eliminated, the lesion is not completely recovered. As a result, the prostate is not health enough when acute prostatitis has just been cured. Patients risk for recurrence of acute prostatitis. How to prevent from the recurrence of acute prostatitis is a main issue which doctors and patients should take notice of.


Here are some tips to help prevent from the recurrence of acute prostatitis:


1 Keep a good mood and be confident in the treatment.
2 Do not strain. Overwork would hurt the Qi in our bodies, so some organs would be weaker.
3 Take some exercise, avoid sitting, riding or driving for a long time.
4 Keep a good diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, stop smoking and drinking.
5 Have moderate intercourses with condom.
6 Do not hold back urine.
7 Keep yourself clean and keep your perineum area dry.
8 Drink moderate water.

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