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Acute Prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is a kind of acute disease with serious symptoms and can easily breaks out along with vesiculitis, epididymitis, testitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a patent medicine applied by Dr. Li from Wuhan, has fast cure effect.

Acute prostatitis is a common infectious disease of male genitourinary system. The pathogen of acute prostatitis is mainly colon bacillus accounting for 80 percent. It was through chematogenous infection or direct infection, that bacterial infect the prostate. The main routine is the direct infection through urethra. Main causes of infection are gonorrheal urethritis and bacterial urethritis, by which bacterial are produced and get into the prostate gland through prostatid ducts to cause inflammation. Patients with acute prostatitis have the following symptoms: hypodynamic, feeble, anorectic, nausea and vomiting, pyrogenic, shivery and prostrated together with straining feeling in perineum and hypogastralgia, which will get worse after long-time sitting or defecating and spread pain to waist, back and thigh. Symptoms also include urinary discharge while defecating, burning on urination, urgency of micturition, frequent micturition, terminal dribbling, secreting purulent substances, uroschesis, nocturia increases to 3 to 5 times over one night, acraturesis, having difficulty in urination, weak or discontinuous stream of urine, debility sexualis, dyspareunia, impotence and hemospermia.


If the above-mentioned symptoms last for 7 to 10 days with a steady increase of temperature and leucocyte white blood cells’ number and neutrophil, the acute prostatitis might be considered to worsen to prostatic abscess.

Laboratory examination: there are 15 thousand to 20 thousand white blood cells in per cubic millimeter blood with their karyons shifting obviously to the left. Through the microscopic examination of urine, a large number of white blood cells and pyocytes can be seen, which alkalinize the urine. In the three-glass test of urine, there are scraps and pyuria in the first glass of urine; the second is comparable clear; the third is muddy with scraps and epithelia. Pathogen can be found in urethral secretion examination and germiculture.

Digital examination of rectum: ①Catarrhal inflammation: the prostate gland may be normal or slightly big with tensility and thetissues are partially anomalous; ② Follicular inflammation: the prostate gland has a small callosity, or the entire gland is tumescent, which is soft and flexible, and has tenderness in masculine gender; ③Substantive inflammation: the prostate gland becomes larger and harder obviously, the tensility is big, the tenderness is obvious. Some partial soft areas may discharge some sanies when being softly pressed at.


Medical Case

Name: Mr. Zhang   Age: 40 years old     Profession: construction worker

Address: Commerce Academy in Wuhan      Time of inquisition: May, 1998

Chief complaint: 5days ago, the patient felt the symptoms of frequent micturition, urgency of micturition, painful micturition, which are the initial symptoms. He bought some Western antibiotic medicine which didn’t take a change for better but got worsened. Afterwards, he suffered from testicular pain, straining feeling in perineum, hypogastralgia and got a routine inspection of prostate. The inspection result showed 2 plus in lecithin microsome and 4 plus in white blood cell, on the basis of which Western medicine diagnosed his disease as acute prostatitis. The patient turned to my clinic to receive traditional Chinese medical treatment of acute prostatitis. 10 days later, he got recovered with a transference cure.


Notice: the patient is a peasant-worker with a bad economic condition, for which reason he didn’t get a timely treatment. After onset of illness, he only bought some Western medicine which led the acute urethritis didn’t get timely treatment. The urethritis infected the prostate in secondary and caused acute prostatitis. With the severe state of his illness, he couldn’t afford to receive treatment in hospital and turned to my clinic. After 10 days of treatment, he got recovered with a transference cure.

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