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Can antibiotics work well for prostatitis?

The clinical manifestations of prostatitis may include fever, chills, discomfort in the perineum (pelvis area), burning, urgency and frequency in urination, pain during and after ejaculation, having no penile erection and sometimes it has no clinical manifestation (asymptomatic). The diagnosing of prostate infection requires a careful history and culture of the seminal fluid. The problem with this condition is that it is difficult to classify because most men have varying symptoms.

Prostatitis is often caused by infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi or conditions like BPH (enlarged prostate) and untreated urinary tract infections. E.coli is the most common etiology for men having the prostate infection. These microorganisms are carried to the prostate from the urethra (an opening of a urinary tract) thereby irritating gland causing pain, infection and inflammation. Prostatitis is classified into four categories. Acute bactertial, chronic bacterial, chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
Most men having with prostatitis are usually treated with a wide spectrum of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not work well because prostatitis is usually caused by non-specific bacteria or viruses and also antibiotics diffuse poorly in the prostate system. Doctors usually do not address and treat the infection. What they do is that, they alleviate only the symptoms each individual is experiencing, giving their clients medications to manage their current manifestations e.g. analgesics, antipyrectics(paracetamol), stool softeners and bladder sedatives (to alleviate urinary incontinence). 
Prostate infection or prostatitis occurs when we are not in a good state of condition. I advice that you should not wait until it’s too late, it is best if we have a good health and invest in it since prostatitis cannot be cured with any medication. Once you have prostatitis, you can have it for life. If you have prostatitis, take your chances on treatments and invest more in making your body into a healthy state of condition again. The only thing that can cure prostatitis is having a good immune system.
Prostatitis when left untreated can lead to danger for the body. When left untreated, it can contribute to complications involving the urinary system, the reproductive system and the immune system making a person very weak thereby becoming immunocompromised leading to a possibility of acquiring more infections, septicemia, recurring infection and even cancer. If the reproductive system is involved, it can cause unsatisfactory sexual gratification and sterility/impotency.

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