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Is prostatitis a sexual transmitted disease?

Prostate diseases is one of the most common diseases in men, which concludes prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. But in a lot of patients' view, prostate diseases always have business with "sex" or they even take it for granted that prostate diseases are STDs. In a result, they feel shamed to see a doctor and merely buy medicines. In the estimation of the clinical study, there are seven mistaken ideas in the knowledge of prostate diseases. 

Mistaken idea 1: Prostatitis is contagious.
Pathogens can not be found in the overwhelming majority of patients who have prostatitis. Commonly, it is called non-bacterial prostatitis, which is not a contagious disease. Generally speaking, chronic prostatitis patients can have sexual intercourse, but can not frequently. 
Mistaken idea 2: Antibiotic is a must for treating prostate diseases.
As a matter of fact, a large number of chronic prostatitis patients suffer from non-bacterial prostatitis. This type of prostatitis is often caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, antibiotic is not a good choice for the treatment. However, eating more fruit and vegetables but less meat in addition to regular diet is of great advantage to protect prostate.  
Mistaken idea 3:Prostatitis is same with hyperplasia.
Usually, many patients mistake prostatitis for prostate hyperplasia. What's more, some suffers still hold the view that chronic prostatitis can lead to prostate hyperplasia directly. In fact, this two diseases are totally different in characteristic. Their causes and pathology are not the same, they are two substantive diseases.
Mistaken idea 4: Prostatitis is a sexual transmitted disease. 
Frequent urine, urinary urgency or low desire of sex are symptoms that can be easily misunderstood as symptoms of STDs diseases. Combined with misuse of antibiotics, the condition can be worse. Actually, these symptoms are always proved as symptoms of prostatitis. 
Mistaken idea 5: Intercourse should be forbidden for prostatitis patients.
Obvious decrease or entire resistance does not benefit patients. Contrarily, it affects patients' mental health a lot. It is certified that measurable intercourses do good to metabolism of prostate and accelerate the of the inflammation.
Mistaken idea 6: Taking place of medicines or treatment optionally is available. 
To treat prostatitis, especially bacterial prostatitis, sensitivity pattern medicine should be used. Besides, do not change the medicine frequently. It takes a period to relieve symptoms, usually, two weeks is required in early treatment. If the medicine is replaced of, flora can be disturbed or drug resistance appears, which can consequently lead to treatment failure.
Mistaken idea 7: Only surgery can be applied to prostatic hyperplasia. 
When patients show light symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia, they can adjust diets, habits and customs, and with appropriate medicines, these symptoms can be relieved or even eradicated. Patients ought to drink the right amount of water, abstain from alcohol, and avoid holding back urine or exhaustion. Because those are important self-therapies. In addition, if symptoms of hematuria, uronephrosis, vesical calculus occur, patients must receive surgery treatment. 

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