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The relationship between vsiculitis and prostatitis

Seminal vesicle and prostate are neighbors in dissection, duct of seminal vesicle meets the end of vas deferens and then merges the ejaculatory duct. The ejaculatory duct penetrates prostate to the urethra. Hence, prostatitis always company with vesiculitis.

Seminal vesicle is a subordinate gland of virila, a pair of oblong cystic organs. It lies to the rear of fundus of urinary bladder and outboard of diverticula ampullae ductus deferentis. Prostate is a male-specific gonadal organ, which looks like chestnuts. Usually, prostate secrets about two milliliters of prostate fluid every day, and this prostate fluid is the starring ingredients of semen. As a matter of fact, spermatopgore closely relates to prostate in dissection and physiological functions. Dr.Lee would like to introduce this relationship to us.    
1: Urethra is the common route of infection.
Pathogens that infect seminal vesicle go pass through urethra, upwards to ejaculatory duct. While prostate is directly infected in urethra and expand from it. Bacterial insert urethra from meatus urinarius and invades prostate gland through prostatic duct, eventually, acute prostatitis or chronic prostatitis occurs.
2: The development of them is inseparable.
According to statistics, varying degrees of pathological changes can be found in vas deferens and seminal vesicle imaging of 87.5 percent of chronic prostatitis patients. In the development of the two diseases, they coexist and affect each other. Hence, it is difficult to differentiate their own development respectively.
3: In physiological structure, they are quite nearby. 
Seminal vesicle is the place where sperms stores. It locates between the bottom of bladder and rectum. When prostate is touched by the doctor, bladder like grapes  
4: Incidence, clinical examination are in different ways
Incidence of prostatitis is higher than that of vesiculitis, this may be the main difference. In clinic, Prostatitis symptoms are more complicate than vesiculitis. However, symptom of vesiculitis hemospermia mainly hemospermia. As to tests of prostate, abnormal prostate fluid and pathogens and other symptoms can occur. While, vesiculitis can be indirectly diagnosed by semen test.

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