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Dose the Infection Equal to Inflammation of the Prsotate?

Does prostate infection equal to prostate inflammation? I believe that a lot of people are confused with this problem. Dr. Lee introduced that infection is different from inflammation in definition, but they are still mistaken by patients, even by a lot of doctors.


Infection is a pathological process that includes invasion and multiplication of pathogens and effects on the body. Therefore, sensitive anti-bacteria and drug against other pathogens are the main remedies used to treat infection. Infection can induce inflammatory response. In some certain items, infection is able to maintain a state of equilibrium with the body, and with no inflammatory response. For example, patients who have hepatitis B may not feel anything uncomfortable and sometimes the virus can not do harm to liver. So, similarly, in some cases, prostate infection can stay peacefully with prostate and will not cause any prostatitis symptom.


Inflammation is a response to external pessimal stimulation which can be caused by infection of bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites or other factors, such as mechanical injury, physical and chemical stimuli, stress response, abnormal immune response, etc.It seems that infection is not completely equal to inflammation. They can overlap or coexist with each other, and also take on segregation phenomenon. Hence, it is significant to distinguish one from the other in the process of diagnosing and curing the disease.


Let us just put the prostate inflammation and prostate infection as an example. Microorganisms (bacteria, virus) can be widespread in prostate. However, there can be no existence of pathogens in prostate in healthy men. Further study on the cause of prostatitis should be put on the order of the day. As a result, a lot of hypothesis and theories that can systematically explain patho-physiologic procedures of the former are put forward, which fundamentally change out acknowledge of this disease and principle of its treatment.   


Traditional ideas are that chronic prostatitis is caused by infection factor or at least starts with pathogens that causes infection. Therefore the vital point of the treatment is to take a large number of antibiotics. However, this method is not effective for prostatitis patients. According to statistics, about 30 percent to 40 percent of patients can be cured by using antibiotics.


In recent years, however, some reports have proved that only about 5 percent of chronic prostatitis cases is related to infection. Hence, antibiotics are not effective as we thought before. It’s strange that the traditional Chinese medicine has become more popular than it was ever before, and of course than antibiotics. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is one of them which can assist 60% to 80% of patients to recover. We have to say this is a breakthrough of prostatitis treatment.



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