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Why do men suffer from prostatitis?

Even though prostatitis is very common among, a lot of men still have no idea why they are captured by it for years and years. However, the fact is that the prostate is not as strong as we thought about it.


Dr. Lee who has been devoting herself to the career of treating prostatitis for more than thirty years indicated that various pathogens, high incidence, long course of disease can be embodied in characteristics of prostatitis. Plus, it is considered as one of the worldwide difficult and complicated disease. In fact, it is the unclear theory on many aspects of the disease that leads to mistakes on treatment and prevention of this disease.


Abnormal intercourse

Frequent intercourse, masturbation, onanism or repressive intercourse can all induce prostate congestion. 


Episode of STDs or bacterial infections

Patients who also have sexual transmitted disease, for example, gonococcal urethritis, gonococcus can enter prostate through urethra and ducts of prostate gland, and leads to prostatitis. Some nonbacterial infeciton, virus, Chlamydia, mycoplasma, urealyticum, gardnerella, trichomonas are causes of prostatitits.


Infections in the other parts of reproductive system of man

Organs that are near prostate, such as rectum, colon, and lower urinary tract, may be sometime infected. If this inflammation spreads through lymphatic, prostate can be infected as well. 


Bad habits

It is said that excessive drinking, sitting for too long, riding bicycles and riding a horse are all ways to cause prostate congestion. 


Having a cold

Being caught by a cold can easily irritate sympathetic. In this case, pressure in the urethra increases, which makes it's difficult to evacuate. Besides, contractive prostate ducts are also an inducement of congestion. 


Other prostate diseases

Prostatolith and prostatoplasia are also factors that cause prostate tissues congest, which brings about nonspecific infection.



We can conclude that pathogens can invade in our body at any time, and prostate is actually a very vulnerable gland which needs to be looked after carefully in daily life. Once get the prostatitis, Dr. Lee suggested that men should receive treatment immediately with taking medicines like the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, in case that other diseases would be caused.

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