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Why semen examination is necessary when diagnose prostatitis?

Some patients prostate fluid is hard to get, so many doctor will gather the urine after massage prostate gland. but for those men who are difficult to gather prostate fluid, the best way of examination is analysis of the semen. What's more, 95 percent that chronic prostatitis patients have mixture infection and spreading of bacteria, so, many of their sexual and reproductive organs also have similar bacteria too. Thus, semen is necessary when diagnose prostatitis.

Furthermore, prostate fluid is an important composition of semen which also is a secretion that easy to get. If the prostate is sick, there will be some changes to affect the composition of semen, so it is possible for doctor to diagnose prostatitis via semen. What's more, a comprehensive analysis of semen also can be used to evaluate the reproductive ability.
The symptoms of chronic prostatitis:
Abnormal urination
This is one of the most common symptoms of prostatitis. As a chronic man, he can experience frequent urination, urination, painful urination and burning in urinary tract.
Fever and chills
These symptoms are seldom, but old men can have these symptoms frequently. The commonly temperature is around 37.5-39
Pain is the main symptom of chronic prostatitis. Patients commonly can feel pain on perineum, groin, back waist and so on. The pain is so severe that unbearable.
Sexual dysfunction
Actually, not every chronic patient can experience this symptom because this usually is caused by mental problem. Many men who have such worries that they may transmit inflammation to their wives and make them having disease too, they also worry that they cannot make their wives orgasm, so those men don't want to have sex with their wives and sexual ability is affected at the end.
All in all, prostatitis can be cured, as long as men can treatment it timely and choose the right treatment. The herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure all kind of prostatitis, but it is good at treating chronic type. General speaking, chronic type can be cured within three months.

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