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What symptoms can prostatitis cause?

Prostatitis, as one common male disease, also has some symptoms that many people don't know. Not only healthy can be affected greatly, but also the quality of sperms, if prostatitis cannot be cured timely and properly. If things go on like this, men also can experience infertility. What symptoms can prostatitis cause?

First, pain
Burning pain on posterior urethra, pain on anus and perineum can spread to groin, penis and testicles. Sometimes, it also can spread to abdominal area.
Second, Urinary Symptoms
When inflammation spread to urinary tract, patients also can experience mild frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination and even bloody urine. Some patients also can experience sticky and purulent secretion on the opening or urethral.
Third, sexual dysfunction
Men may experience declined sexual libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation and emission. Some patients have bloody semen caused by inflammation, so those men have infertility, for the bad quality of sperm.
Fourth, secondary symptoms
Due to the bacterial infection, men can experience conjunctivitis, iriditis, arthritis, and neuritis.
Fifth, neurasthenia
Due to the improper treatment of prostatitis, men may experience depress, fatigue, insomnia and so on.
If you have one or two symptoms mentioned above, you should take exams in hospital, for you may affect this disease. The best treatments of prostatitis are antibiotic and herbal medicine, if you have resistance to antibiotic, you'd better take herbal medicine. Although herbal medicine works slowly, its curative effect is excellent and can cure prostatitis totally within three months.

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