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Wine and spicy foods should be avoided if you have prostatitis

As a prostatitis patient, not only have to receive treatment, but also have to pay attention to the food they ate. Some foods can release symptoms and increase treatment effect of antibiotic and herbal medicine. Now, let‘s have a look at the food what cannot be eaten.

First, spicy foods
Those spicy foods including scallion, garlic, chilli and pepper also can expand blood vessels and lead to congestion of genital organs. Thus those foods are forbidden. However, some prostatitis men who only stop eat spicy food when symptoms serious, and begin to eat them again when symptoms mild or gone, which is wrong. Actually, men should say goodbye to those spicy foods.
Second, red wine
Wine, a common drink for dinner, not only can soften blood-fat blood vessels, but also can expand blood vessels, so it is common for men with red face after drinking. Red face it the consequence of expanded blood vessels. Generally speaking, proper wine is good for health, but excessive drinking is bad for health, for it can destroy your body and make the symptoms of prostatitis serious. Thus, prostatitis patient should control the times and the amount of red wine.
Third, no smoking
As for cigarette, everybody knows it is harmful, but men don’t that the symptoms of prostatitis also can be aggravated by smoking. Toxic materials in cigarette such as nicotine, asphaltum oil, nitrosamine and carbon monoxide not only can damage the prostate tissues, but also can disturb the function of nerve and affect blood circulation. So if you want far away from prostatitis, smoking is forbidden too.
Prostatitis men should value the food they eat. Chronic prostatitis patients not only have to pay attention to eating habit but also have to take herbal medicine. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure all kind of prostatitis with three months. This herbal medicine can promote blood circulation and eliminate the serious congestion. It also can clear away heat and toxic materials, dissipate hard lumps and release pain.

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