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Can patients choose herbal medicine to cure acute bacterial prostatitis?

Prostatitis (a genital disease occurs on men's prostatitis. This disease can affect men's urinary, sperm quality and even saxaul ability) commonly is cured by antibiotic, massage, surgery and so on. But because of the side-effect of those treatment methods, more and more people want to take safer pill -herbal medicine to cure their diseases. We all know that herbal medicine is good at treating chronic disease, how about the curative effect in treating acute bacterial prostatitis? Is it worth for acute bacterial prostatitis patients to choose it?

We all know that herbal medicine made of many herbs, so different herbs can bring different effects. But every herbal medicine has the same advantages that no side-effect and no drug resistance. The herb materials makes herbal medicine won't produce toxic materials to damage liver and kidney. Herbal medicine also has no drug resistance which means no matter how long you have to take herbal medicine, its curative effect will be as good as the first day. What's more, if you can keep taking it, the effect will be better than before.
Since herbal medicine has such too good advantages that antibiotic does't have, should acute bacterial prostatitis patient to choose it? Actually, i think there is no need. For acute bacterial prostatitis commonly is caused by bacterial infection, and this type commonly happens at the first time, so there is no allergic problem for men, thus, this type of prostatitis can be cured by antibiotic within weeks. What's more, herbal medicine commonly are expensive, while antibiotic is cheap. So i think antibiotic is the best choice.
However, although 99% acute patients can choose antibiotic, this type of people who have had liver and kidney problems and not allergic to antibiotic should take herbal medicine, because of the advantages of herbal medicine mentioned above.

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