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Keep away from prostatitis as long as you can say goodbye to these things

Prostatitis (has four types and brings many symptoms and complications to men) is a disease on prostate gland. Although it is a curable disease, the high relapse rate and high infection rate of this disease make it hard to cure. all prostatitis patients know that they should go and receive timely treatment when having disease, but does there anybody think that they can prevent this disease by saying goodbye to some bad habits? And the fact is as long as you can say goodbye to those bad habits, prostatitis won’t make friends with you.

Don't make your prostate feel cold
Prostate gland just like other parts of our body, it also likes warm and afraid of cold. So if you make your prostate gland stay in cold wether for a long time, the blood circulation of this gland will slow down, causing weak immunity and providing chance for bacteria. What's more, low temperature also can slow down excretion of prostate gland.
Don't sit for a long time
Long time sitting is a factor of prostatitis. When sitting, the core is on prostate gland. But prostate gland cannot bear so many pressure for a long time, thus, at the end, the blood circulation of prostate gland will slow down too.
Excessive smoking
According to some researches, the infection rate of prostatitis for smoker is 2 time higher than those who don't smoke. Cigarette has more than 1200 toxic materials. All of those things are harmful to human, so please quit smoking.
Spicy foods
Although spicy foods aren't the direction causes, alcohol, pepper and other spicy foods can stimulate prostate and urinary tract, causing discomfort on groin, expansion on prostate blood vessel, and congestion on bladder. For your healthy, you'd better to say goodbye to spicy foods too.
All in all, prostatitis is a disease can be prevented as long as men can far away from those bad habits mentioned above. If you already have had this disease, please don't worry about it, herbal medicine will help you. 

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