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These Food May Irritate Prostate Gland

Prostatitis is a disease that prostate is inflamed of infected. Infected prostate can bring symptoms like frequent urination, urgent urination, burning pain when urination, fever, chills, and low back pain. As a prostate patient, he also can experience impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility and so on.

Although Prostatitis can be cured by pills, massage, herbal medicine and so on, man also have to avoid those foods, because those foods can irritate this gland and make symptoms severer. If you want to say goodbye to this disease faster, you should far away from those foods.


This is the first food you should avoid. The oils in the peppers concentrate in the prostate and this can lead to irritation.


Do you notice that you may have red face after drinking? Actually, that because your blood vessel is irritated by alcohol. So, prostatitis men should far away from alcohol, for if your blood vessel in prostate is irritated, the congested gland will make this disease severer.

Citrus Juice

The acid in the citrus juice irritates the urethra. You may find that citrus juices worsen your symptoms while citrus fruits do not. Tomato and tomato juices can make your condition worse as these too are very acidic.


Caffeine is a diuretic. The frequent urination that is caused by the consumption of caffeine can irritate the prostate. Caffeine can also cause dehydration.

Fried Foods

The prostate is easily affected with the amount of calories and fat that is absorbed in the fried food.

Those spicy foods should be remembered. You not only have to take pills to cure your prostatitis, but also have to avoid those foods mentioned above. If you are the one who has liver or kidney problems, please take herbal medicine which won't produce side effects, for example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice.

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