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Men Should Pay More Attention to Prostate Health in Winter

After going through the hot summer, we usher in the beginning of winter. The experts point out that except for causing a cold, the cold weather can also bring trouble to men's prostate. Therefore, how to protect our prostate in winter is a critical issue to us. Let's hear about the detailed introduction about prostate health from Dr.Lee , a doctor specializes in traditional Chinese medicine in Wuhan.

First of all, we should know that: as an important genital organ, prostate is a place where diseases always happen. And the prostatic fluid produced by prostate is an essential component of semen. Protecting prostate plays an important role in men's health, and even the reproduction in the further.
But in the cold winter, if a man does not do a good job on keeping out the cold and makes the prostate get a cold, it would lead to a series of consequences. The sympathetic nerve would be excited. The internal pressure would be increased. The prostate would be congested because of stasis. Then the germs would take advantage of this occasion and go upstream to the urethra, inducing the happening or recurrence of prostatitis.
Consequently, the genital health would be affected greatly.
Therefore, men, especially for young men, should pay attention to keeping the partial warmth of prostate. Don't endure if you feel cold. Except for this, men should also pay attention to the following points:

Don't hold back the urine. The metabolism of our body has its natural regulation. If you have the micturition desire but you hold the urine back, it would make the urine flow in reverse order and then induce the infection of prostate.
Avoid sitting for a long time. Dr.Lee says that prolonged sitting would induce congestion of prostate. Once the germs induce prostatitis through urethra, you can use some traditional Chinese medicine which can promote blood circulation and remove stasis, such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, to treat it.
Drink water of 2 li tres a day. After the winter coming, many men reduce the volume of water intake. And the times of urinating would also decrease because of that. It is not good for the discharge of secretion of prostate, inducing prostatitis easily.
As the winter has come, men should not only do the above three points well but also give up smoking and drinking and eat less spicy food in order not to induce congestion of prostate and decrease the resistance of prostate. 
Dr.Lee points out that winter is a high-incidence season of prostatitis. If you have acquired prostatitis, you don't need to worry too much. The traditional Chinese medicine "diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill" can promote blood circulation and remove stasis, clear away heat and resolve hard lump.
It has a good effect on treating prostatitis and it is a herbal formula which is deeply trusted by many prostatitis patients recently.

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