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Diet therapy for acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis refers to a sudden infection of the prostate gland. The infection is usually led by bacteria that get into the prostate by travelling up the urethra. Other infection is the result of sexual transmitted disease.
If your situation is not serious, you could try some below diet therapy to relieve your symptoms.
1. Plantain Syrup
The materials are: plantain 100 g (400 g fresh products), tender lophatherum leaf 10 g (30 grams fresh products), and raw licorice 10 g, amount of brown slab sugar. Working process: the first is to put the plantain, tender lophatherum leaf, raw licorice into the casserole, and then add amount of water, boil them with medium heat for about 40 minutes. Then put the brown slab sugar and boil them for half a minute. Then, patient can drink it instead of the tea.
2. Common rush and bitter gourd soup
The patient can take six ties common rush and fresh bitter gourd 200 grams, and then remove flesh and core of the bitter gourd, and cut it into small pieces. Then, the patient can cook them into soup.
3. White gourd, kelp and barley soup
The material are: fresh white gourd (including the skin of it) 250 g, raw barley 50 g, kelp 100 g. Working process: first is to cut the white gourd into thick pieces, wash the raw barley and cut the kelp into thin flakes. Put the three materials into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water and cook them into soup.
4. Dandelion and honeysuckle porridge
The materials are: Dandelion 60 g, honeysuckle 30 g, rice 100g, several amount of sugar. Working process: Take the dandelion and honeysuckle into the casserole, add amount of water and then take the medicine juice into the rice to boil into porridge. Add several amount of sugar into the porridge; take it 2 times a day.
5. Rhizoma smilacis glabrae porridge
Take 30 g Rhizoma smilacis glabrae and 100 g rice. First, patient can wash and decorticate the Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, then take it into the casserole to boil with medium heat for about 40 minutes. Then take this juice into the rice to boil into porridge. Take the porridge 2 times a day.
However, this diet therapy could only relieve the symptoms, if you condition is serious, the diet therapy is helpless. The severity of the acute prostatitis will lead to great damage to urinary and reproductive organs in men, so the treatment is urgent once someone suffers from the disease. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a kind of effective traditional Chinese medicine which is the most effective treatment for prostatitis so far. It could clear away all symptoms of prostatitis from its root completely.

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