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Maintaining Health of Prostate is Important Since the Effects of Acute Prostatitis is Severe

Prostate is one of the most important parts of males. If it’s infected, the inflammation will cause much pain and discomfort. The inflammation of prostate can be classified into two types: acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. The occurrence of acute prostatitis is sudden and patients will suffer from a series of unbearable symptoms in a short time. Acute prostatitis will develop into a chronic one if the condition can’t be controlled. Here are the effects of acute prostatitis can have on male patients.


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The effects of acute prostatitis:  
1.Acute uroschesis. 
Acute prostatitis will induce prostatic congestion and swelling, thus,  the enlarged prostate will oppress the urethra which will cause difficulty urinating, then it can lead to acute uroschesis. 
2.Acute seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis. 
Acute prostatitis can spread to seminal vesicle easily, which can cause acute seminal vesiculitis. At the same time, the pathogens can retrograde through lymphatic vessels to enter the spermaduct wall and epitheca, then the epididymis will be infected.  
3.Spermatic lymph node enlargement with tenderness. 
There are ramus communicans in the prostate glands and spermatic lymphatic pelvis. The acute inflammation will have impact on spermatic cord and cause spermatic lymph node enlargement with tenderness. 
4.Sexual dysfunction. 
Prostatic congestion, edema or abscess will induce other annoying symptoms such as painful ejaculation and erection, decreased libido, painful sexual intercourse, bloody semen.  
5.Other effects.   
Severe patients with acute prostatitis will have referred pain in groins. Relatively severe patients may have renal colic.
Prostate is a vulnerable part, males should pay more attention to the health of it. Once infected, it’s will be difficult to cure it completely. Commonly-used treatment like antibiotics couldn’t cure all patients with this inflammation. Thereby, patients should take other methods to have a radical cure. Herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is widely accepted by prostatitis patients for its zero side effects and high effectiveness. Except for the medication, diet also plays an important role in relieving symptoms of prostatitis.    
Foods that are helpful for maintaining the health of prostate:  
1.Apple juice 
There is a certain amount of antibacterial substances in prostate. Zinc is the main ingredient of these substances. When the prostate is infected, the content of zinc will be reduced obviously and it will be difficult to increase. Compared to commonly-used zinc drugs, apple juice is more efficient and safer. Besides, it can be digested and absorbed easily.  
2.Tomato and carrot
Tomato and carrot contain a large amount of beta carotene which can help to absorb lycopene in tomato, thus, the possibility of infecting with prostatitis will be decreased greatly.  
3.Kiwi fruit  
Kiwi fruit has properties of clearing heat and promoting body fluid regenerating. It can provide good effect on difficulty and pain in micturition caused by prostatitis. 
4.Bitter gourd  
Bitter gourd is rich in vitamin C and it has multiple functions include clear heat and toxins, promote dampness, relieve tiredness. It has good influence on urinary disorders.  
Grape is a helpful fruit for maintaining the health of prostate. It can work well on inducing diuresis and dispel swelling. 
Sugarcane is abundant in a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A is responsible to promote the protein synthesis, which can improve the vitality and concentration of sperm. Vitamin C can clear toxins and resist disease. It can be efficient to enhance the immune system.  

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