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Be Careful Of Acute Bacterial Prostatitis, Its Prevention is As Important As Treatment

Acute bacterial prostatitis is an acute infection of prostate gland. It’s usually caused by pathogenic bacteria like E.coli, proteusbacillus vulgaris, enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas aeruginosa and serratia, enterococcus, and E.coli comprise 80% of the cases. The exact causes of prostatitis are unknown, but some of the inducements can lead to acute bacterial prostatitis, such as excessive drinking, cold, fatigue, excessive sexual life, perineal injury, etc.

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Acute bacterial prostatitis belongs to the type Ⅰprostatitis, it’s a rare but severe lower urinary track infection. It can cause many unbearable symptoms like pelvic pain and genital area pain, urinary frequency and urgency, painful urination, difficulty urinating. And it may lead to systemic symptoms, such as chills, fever, nausea, and vomiting. The symptoms often occur suddenly and patients need to have a treatment timely and properly. 

For treatment of acute prostatitis, antibiotics are commonly prescribed by doctors. It’s one of the most efficient medications for treating this acute infection. However, one of ten acute prostatitis patients will develop into a chronic infection. Antibiotic therapy is less efficient on chronic prostatitis because of the drug resistance and kidneys damages produced in a long-term treatment. As the development of medicine, a new herbal remedy called Diuretic and Anti-inflammation Pill is invented to cure prostatitis. Its natural formula won’t do harm to the liver and kidneys. The herbs in the pill can work effectively on eliminate the symptoms as well as the infection. Thus, it can not only used to treat acute prostatitis, but also cure chronic prostatitis. 
To prevent the pain and discomfort, males need to take precautionary measures to reduce the recurrent rate of acute prostatitis. The preventions are as follows: 
1. Keep good personal hygiene, and clean genital areas every day.
2. Don’t have multiple sexual partners and keep a stable sexual relationship, which can help to avoid STD (sexual transmitted disease). 
3. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, and smoking.
4. Avoid long-term sitting and take moderate exercise to improve the circulation of prostate blood. 
5. Avoid driving for a long time to reduce the irritation and pressure to the prostate and perineum.
6. Keep regular sexual life and avoid excessive sex, which help to avoid prostatic congestion.  

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