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How to cure premature ejaculation caused by prostatitis?

More and more men are experiencing the symptom of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very common complaint. Many surveys have concluded that between 30-60% of male population have intermittent concerns related to ejaculating too rapidly.


Ejaculation is controlled by natural chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters. Imbalance of Serotonin, Histamine, Adrenaline and Dopamine - play a key role. Low Serotonin, high levels of Histamine and the quick release of Adrenaline and Dopamine trigger uncontrolled excitement leading to ejaculation.


The causes of premature ejaculation have many time considered to be only psychological and close related to emotion and stress of first sexual experience. Following to this approach several behavioral techniques, such as the stop-start technique or other, were considered the key solution of the problem. In our days, more and more studies investigate the possibility that hormonal, urologic or neurologic factors may contribute to this condition.


In addition, prostatitis is a most common reason that can cause premature ejaculation. Considering that the prostate gland has an important mission in the mechanism of ejaculation, a recent study evaluated the incidence of premature ejaculation in the subjects with chronic prostatitis. The final conclusions suggest a role for chronic prostate inflammation in the pathogenesis of some cases of premature ejaculation and, by consequence, a possibility for premature ejaculation to be a symptom of prostatitis.


If you are suffering premature ejaculation caused by prostatitis, herbal medicine can help you. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good herbal medicine for premature ejaculation caused by prostatitis. It can get rid of symptom of premature ejaculation in three months.

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