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Causes of swollen prostate you may know

Many men each year are diagnosed with swollen prostates. The slow growth of the prostate, a gland involved in the production of semen and is responsible for the urinary and reproductive health of men, has become a common problem in men today. These group of people say that having to deal with the effects of swollen prostate is very distressing.

Because of the sudden rise in number of men developing swollen prostates, doctors suggest that all men be informed of what the causative factors of this condition are. Being well informed is believed to be a major key to prevent and treat the condition properly. The causes of swollen prostate may be minor like hormonal imbalance and aging. Major causes may include prostatitis and prostate cancer.
Prostatitis or the inflammation of the prostate is said to be one of the factors that causes the condition. The swelling of the prostate may be caused by bacterial infection. The inflammation usually results to problems in the urinary tract like urine retention which in turn can causes complications in the kidneys and urethra.
Prostate cancer is also said to majorly contribute to the development of enlargement of the gland. Since this is cancer, it is considered to be the most life threatening causes of the condition. According to medical associations, the symptoms of enlarged prostate and this cancer may be the same but both conditions are very different from each other. In prostate cancer, the growth of the gland happens gradually and will stay there for a long time, although its development is in small stages, it has to be treated immediately.
Hormonal imbalance is one of the few common causes of swollen prostate. As men age, their levels of testosterone decreases while the production of estrogen rises. Testosterone is needed for the conversion of estrogen to a substance called DHT. AS the levels of estrogen increases, the more that the prostate is stimulated to increase in size.
Aging is not considered to be a direct cause of developing enlarged prostate but is considered to be contributing factor with regards the the increase of a man’s risk. Aging is a natural process and nobody can get away from it. As people age, there are a lot of changes that happens inside the body, this includes the natural growth of the prostate. Some men may be lucky enough to not having to deal with swollen glands but some are not.
Doctors say that the best action to do is to follow ways that leads to the prevention of the condition. Knowing some of the causes of swollen prostate is one of them. Men should also be aware of the choices they make with regards to their health. Keeping away from vices and other hazardous substances may not only prevent the development of enlarged prostates but may also keep them away from certain illnesses.

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