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Chronic Prostatitis Attack after Probing

Prostate disease, as a mortal enemy to men, invade their bodies, be their sexual trauma. The Art of War has said, probe the enemy's condition, straightly and unexpectedly go to the point, must kill the enemy. Making lots of false appearance and no disposing, considering about everything that are not necessary to be considered, do all the preparation with hesitation, will fail in the end.  Dodging from the sparehead of army and attack their command is the right way to success.


The reasons why it is hard to cure chronic prostatitis :

Refractory chronic prostatitis is an indisputable fact. But why the same treatment are effective for some people, while for others it does not work?The reason for it include the prepuce or phimosis, having sex with infected sex partner, or the sex partner haven't take treatment at the same time, prostate stones, etc. For chronic prostatitis patients who are not associated with these conditions, treatment is more likely to be effective. Therefore, people must be patient to the treatment of chronic prostatitis, and must firstly identify the causes.


Reason one:
Prepuce or phimosis:
Patients of prepuce or foreskin phimosis were wet in the foreskin. Not only a large number of pathogen are harboring there, but also pathogens are more likely to cause balanitis, urethritis, or even in some patients would be with urethral stenosis. That would lead to increased pressure within the urethra during urination, and the urinary obstruction. Pathogen's upgoing with the urine causes infection.


Reason two:
The recurrence of unclean sex: in the course of treatment, if patiets don't protect themselves and have sex with partners who are not taking medication at the same time and don't stop having sex, the recurrence always happen.


Reason three:
Prostate stones; prostate pipe can be compressed by the prostate stones, and stones can cause prostate fluid deposition. The persistent existence of pathogen, cause repeated episodes of prostatitis.


Reason four:
The lack of standardization of treatment: no standard therapy or long-term abuse of antibiotics can lead to disorder the proliferation of flora. Or there is even a drug resistance, would probably cause reinfection. In addition, many chronic prostatitis are associated with a variety of pathogen, if you ignore the reasonable treatment, but also can cause prostatitis recurrent and it would be difficult to cure. Therefore, the effective medicine and regular prompt treatment is necessary.


Reason five:
Mental depression or anxiety: according to the reasch, patients with chronic prostatitis would have psychological problems caused by long treatment. It increased depression and anxiety, and even lead to reduced sexual life, prostatic fluid discharge reduction or poor, and the condition would be worse.


Reason six:
Bad habits: drinking alchol, heavy smoking, frequuent eating spicy food and other bad habits that can make treatment difficult.The patient should drink much water, avoid spicy foods, alcohol and tobacco in order to facilitate an early cure of the disease.


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