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What should be Avoided in Preventing Nonbacterial Prostatitis?

As nonbacterial prostatitis can badly affect the life and health of men, it is of urgent need to prevent it .
Following items should be avoided
1.avoid excessive sexual activities or abusing aphrodisiac
2.avoid frequently intercourse interruption or delaying ejaculation on purpose
3.avoid suspending sexual life for a long period
4.avoid over consuming stimulating food or wine

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How to diagnose nonbacterial prostatitis?

Distinguish nonbacterial prostatitis with other specific prostatitis, especially with chronic bacterial prostatitis. Urinary tract infection and cystitis should be also be considered in indentifying diagnose. For those middle and old aged male patients who have stimulating micturition and negative bacterial culture, the possibility of bladder tumor and bladder cancer should be carefully analyzed, during which period, in addition to urinary cell examination, cystoscopy examination should also be conducted.

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