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BPH and Prostatitis - Differences in Signs and Symptoms

BPH is a common condition of aging, and some men may suffer from symptoms. Because of this, prostatitis occur on advanced men is not easy to be found. There're some differences between BPH and prostatitis symptoms.


BPH signs and symptoms:
Urgent or frequent need to urinate
Urge Incontinence
Frequent urinate at night
Difficulty passing urine
Weak urine flow
Drips after urine


Prostatitis signs and symptoms:
Urgent or frequent need to urinate
Painful or burning urination
Pain in the abdomen, groin, lower back, in the area between the penis and rectum
Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles
Painful ejaculations
Sexual dysfunction
Blood in semen


If you have any of these symptoms, it doesn't means you have BPH or prostatitis, that can also be symptoms of other genital problems. When you have two of this conditions or more, visit your doctor promptly.

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