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Chronic prostatitis diet: eat grapefruit and drink green tea

With the social pressure and the nature of the concept of opening up more and more young men suffering from prostatitis, acute prostatitis, many of them evolve into more chronic prostatitis, painful. Experts point out that the daily diet can aid the treatment of prostatitis.

A male reader recently complained to reporters, saying he was thirty-somethings suffering from prostatitis, the urine is always not the only normal urination, and even “exotic” are greatly reduced, very distressed.
But to really deal with prostatitis, in addition to surgery, medication, the usual eating habits and diet is also important.
Chronic prostatitis diet side (for reference)
No.1 250 g of fresh grapes, peel, core, mash, add appropriate amount of warm water to drink 1-2 times a day.
No.2 water chestnuts 150 g (skin), washed stalks, chopped, smashed, heating water 250 ml, the full mix, filtered residue skin, drink juice, 2 times a day.
No.3 Zhuyeshan herbal tea: fresh bamboo leaves 6 grams, 6 grams of yam, green tea. The yam pieces of particles, with the light bamboo. Tea with hot water, on behalf of the tea. 1 day, once every three.
Akebia No.4 barley porridge: Coix seed 60 grams, Akebia 10 grams, sugar 10 grams. The wood-decoction juice, add Yiyiren porridge, flavored with sugar take. 1 day, once every six.

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