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what should you do when undergo nonbacterial prostatitis?

Many young people undergoing from chronic prostatitis was watched in the digit of hospital patients, antibacterial and western medicines used a lot, but while the disease is still light weight, and postponed healing. Why is this? 

The elemental, are deserving to chronic bacterial prostatitis is not caused by the aggression, a considerable portion of the pathogen in patients with no lesions, so antibiotics ambition chance needless of course. 
Clinicians to symptoms such as chronic prostatitis, leukocytosis in prostatic liquid, merely the tarnish and culture are not bacteria, no bacteria in the urine cried nonbacterial prostatitis such cases, whatsoever, for the causes of chronic prostatitis have trichomonas, fungal , chlamydia, mycoplasma and other pathogens, for well as allergies and additional special elements, accordingly, ordinarily, besides the upon reasons and factors thought before aseptic prostatitis. prostatitis diagnosis to master the br, likewise understood as chronic nonbacterial prostatitis or prostatic dismiss prostate congestion, its causes has by far no entirely explicit. namely generally deemed, make the congestion of the prostate namely constantly reiterated a kind of factors, such as marital and are accustomed to normal life male, because his wife was productive or sick can no be sex, the man’s sexual desire and is quite muscular; some men productive matron as panic of interruption in sexual intercourse ahead ejaculation; unmarried young men’s sexual thrusts and constantly undue masturbation; beverage and dine chili and other spicy food and are evoked along this disease causes. 
Nonbacterial prostatitis symptoms similar to bacterial prostatitis, in appending to prostate pain, perineum, scrotum, groin and lower behind pain embarrassment, stool urethra afterward urination or discharge white discharge, that is more significant prostate spill turbidity and some patients have varying degrees of frequency, urgency and urinary flaming, some patients may be sexual dysfunction, and neurasthenia. have these symptoms, digital rectal slightly swollen prostate exam, full, soft, massage and even discharge of prostatic fluid, the fluid than the slender and volume, numerous routine urine and prostatic fluid and cultured bacteria and other pathogens were not, but there are more prostate white blood cells may clinic-based disease. 
Medicine, physical therapy and other methods can also be used at the peak of trust, to cling to treatment, most patients can be significantly reduced or cured. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a trustworthy medication while erythromycin or ofloxacin treatment can not rule out the mycoplasma and chlamydia infections. During the treatment, one should ban alcohol and tobacco, avert spicy food. Generally chronic prostatitis can be cured after 3 months.

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