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Why is it difficult to cure chronic prostatitis?

Generally speaking, mild acute prostatitis is not a troublesome disease. But chronic prostatitis does torture patients a lot and seemly hard to be cured.    

Case 1: 
Mr. Li who is a patient at the age of 32, has been suffered from chronic prostatitis for ten years. The primary symptoms are:pain in lower abdominal and testis, urination bifurcation, weak ejaculation. Mr. Li has tried almost all the treatment. For example, taking antibiotic, intravenous injection, urethral perfusion, anal infusion, infrared radiation. However, the symptoms do not relieve. In order to get rid of the disease, he keeps finding ads in newspaper and on TV as a habit, and hopes to discover the newest treatment. As a result, he spends a lot of money, while the condition becomes server.
Case 2:
Mr. Xie is a taxi driver who is 35 years old. For six years, he suffered with chronic prostatitis day and night. The symptoms are: urethral itching, white drops of urethra, pain in perineum and backache petrified. To control the condition, he went to the doctor and purchased medicines almost every week. The medicines mainly are anti-inflammatory painkillers and antibiotic. He turns to any doctor when critically ill happens, so he has been keep touch with several doctors. Every time when he tries to take a new medicine, the symptoms relieves somehow, however, after a period, his condition recurs. 
Again and again, a few years passed, almost all the medicines for treating chronic prostatitis have been attempted by him. 
The two cases indicates that patients with chronic prostatitis are at a young age, the treatment always does not affect as expected. Moreover, a large number of suffers take note of medicine and other treatment , but ignore the prevention and health care of the prostate.
Below are the reasons for why it is difficult to cure chronic prostatitis.
Firstly, patients is likely to be anxious, suspective, disappointed with their disease if the condition can not be improved after long-time treatment. At this time, they are able to pay more attention to the symptoms, which arouses bigger psychological burden.  
Secondly, factors cause chronic prostatitis are increasing. For instance, taxi drivers hold back urine, and set for long time; businessmen attend the reception and stay up all night; unhealthy sex, such as frequent masturbation and prolong ejaculation time.     
Thirdly, excessive or improper treatment. Taking antibiotic for long time, change antibiotic frequently, make mistake in taking the mount of antibiotic can all make the condition worse.
Last but not least, the test shows the white blood cell grows in prostate fluid can stimulate patients as well. 
In short, the reason for why chronic prostatitis is hard to cure is complex. The doctor should figure out the condition of the patients and give symptomatic treatment. 
Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill is a new pure herbal medicine which is developed by Dr. Lee who studies traditional Chinese medicine. From the clinical results, it is found that Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill cured a large number of patients with chronic prostatitis. Why does this herbal medicine achieve great success? Dr. Lee explains that Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill is not antibiotic, it does no harm to patients, no matter suffers are cured or not, their condition can not turn to worse. Prescription in herbs in Diuretic and anti-inflammation are good for promoting blood circulation and dissolve stasis, inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia, clearing away heat and toxic material and promoting Qi and release pain. 

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