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Feasible methods to treat chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a disease that highly occurs in young men. About 40 percent of young men are at this risk. Common symptoms are: urgent and frequent urinate, burning or painful urination, pain in the lower back and perineum area, lower abdominal pain, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, nocturnal emission and impotence and premature ejaculation. Half of the patients suffer from the condition that white mucus comes from the urethra after the spill, or soily underwears. Plus, infertility is prone to befall.

Treatment for chronic prostatitis is actually not so complicate as many people consider. The difference between success and failure consists in perseverance. Usually, intermittent treatment is often with less effective. Massage treatment can be applied to for once a week in treating chronic prostatitis. Doctors with skilled techniques is the key in the treatment. When it comes to medical treatment, both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can take effect. However, how to select medicine in accord with a suffer's own condition is another botheration.
In addition, infectious prostatitis can be treated by physical therapy, such as magnetic therapy and water therapy. Other treatments are injection, rinse urinary tract or applied medicines. But the way to carry it out should be decided by the doctor. In fact, suffers can also do something to relieve the symptoms by themselves. 
1. Limit the intercourse. Once a week is feasible. 
2. Relieve the pressure to the perineum, do not wear tight pants and do not ride bicycles.
3. Refrain from smoking and having spicy food, for instance, chili, beef, seafood, wine.
4. Drink more water, which helps to discharge inflammatory secretions.
5. Participate in physical exercise to enhance the physical constitution.
6. Patients with chronic prostatitis who have child can try bath therapy, which is a home remedy. 45-degree water bath can be used for one or two times a week, thirty minutes a time. This therapy contributes to anti-inflammatory. However, this therapy is inapplicable to patients who have no child.
7. Keep up a good state of mind. Depression is not benefit to make thing better. To follow the doctor's advice is the wonderful prescription for curing the disease. 

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