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Self-examination for chronic prostatitis: hip bath with hot water

Chronic prostatitis is commonly seen among youth male. It is one of commonly-seen male genitourinary system diseases. It takes account for 80% of people who suffer such disease. Its pathogeny is complicated and symptom is various. Therefore it is easily misdiagnosed and is stubborn. Meanwhile it affects normal working and study of sufferer.

There are three kinds of symptoms of chronic prostatitis. The first is ache of chronic prostatitis, mainly indicating sore waist ache and light ache of perineum, lower abdomen, bilateral groin, spermary and anus.  The second is symptom of urination system, mainly representing emiction difficulty. The third is symptom of sexual disorder, mainly representing impotence, ejaculatio praecox, spermatorrhea and infertilitas. Seen from symptoms mentioned above, the main symptoms of chronic prostatitis happen outside of diseased region. Therefore, those patients who just suffer it for a short time most easily delay stateof an illness and dally over best treatment time.  
In clinic, some youth sufferers are found yet to be examined because of bellyache. Some are treated according to enterogastric disease internal medicine, but it’s of no effect. Somepatients who have light-grade irritation sign of bladder are treated based on urinary infection. It’s ineffective despite being treated for a long time. Some sufferers who also have sexual disorder blindly take those medicines with assistance of kidney-YANG and kidney-essence. on the contrary the medicine aggravates their state of an illness. Finally, through examination, they find that chronic prostatitis is essential cause for them to suffer such disease. Such case mentioned above is more commonly seen in clinic.
How to self-examined? One simple self-check way is as followed: If you are found to belong to one of three types of symptoms mentioned above, hip bath with hot water should be used 1-2 times per day, 20minutes per time and water temperature has to be kept at about 50 Degree Centigrade. It should be continuously treated for five days. If such symptom is found to relieve or disappear, it is possibly chronic prostatitis suffered. This self-check diagnosis is easy and convenient to handle with no side-effect and helpful to diagnose and treat. Of course, if investigated with doubtful symptom of chronic prostatitis, they should go to urologist for diagnosis.

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