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Is Milk A Cause of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

The morbidity rate of prostatitis is increasing along with the age. In China, it is 43.68% for men above the age of sixty. In men who are seventy five, one in two can suffer from BPH. It is no doubt that prostate diseases are huge threatening men's health. Recently, a survey which have done by American researchers shows that milk is one of the factors that cause BPH. Is this real? 

In medicine, causes of BPH are not clear. "Dihydrotestosterone theory" has long been much accounted of, but single hormone can not make a full explanation to all the issues that involve the occurence and development of the disease. Much attention are paid on nutrilit and its relationship with hormone in the research of causes of BPH. Imbalance of sex hormone in elderly is metabolic disorders of androgen and estrogen, which is the major cause of BPH. Whereas, its appearance and expansion are not only dominated by one factor, but many, such as male hormone's mastery reaction, female hormone's synergy and nutrilit's participation. And this is the "composite factor theory" of causes of BPH.
Loss of nutrients is common for old people, especially for calcium. Mike contains plentiful and diverse nutrition, it does good to health promotion. The theory that claims mike can cause prostate diseases is not accepted now. So patients who have BPH are still able to drink milk, of course, lowfat milk is better. 
Other matters need attention in daily life include: adopt an optimistic attitude and persist in physical training; responsible drinking and proper intercourse; avoid spice food and holding back urine; walking instead of riding a bike. 

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