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Primary Causes of Chronic Prostatitis

There's an increasing tendency that young people are more easier to suffer from chronic prostatitis. Hence, chronic prostatitis is not a exclusive disease for middle-aged and old. Some patients who concern this matter are in desperate need to find out more correct information about chronic prostatitis. However, studies in the field of chronic prostatitis are not so satisfing. Take chronic prostatitis cause as an example, it is said that no clear evidence can be given for what cause chronic prostatitis. What we have learnt are unilateral. Though we hold a negative view, we are still able to consult some results from researchers in recent years.

Dr. Lee is an expert in studing and treating prostatitis. She has been devoting herself in the career of assist prostatitis patients for about thirty years. She expresses that causes of chronic prostatitis is not unitary. Primary causes of chronic prostatitis can be classified into three types.
1. Microorganism, such as bacterial, potozoa, fungi and virus can all be origins of pathogens. Among which, bacterial is the most common one, for instance, neisseria gonorrhoeae and non-gonococcal. The ways of invasion of bacterial are: hematogenous infection, lymphocyte infection, direct spreading.
2. Autoimmunity factor. It is reported that anti-prostate antibody can be found in arthritis patients. According to the speculation, this antibody may derived from congenital or acquired immunodeficiency. If patients who are tested with no bacterial, virus or chlamydia infection, then autoimmounity can be supposed as a factor.
3. Urination. Chemical substances with acid-base property largely exist in urination. When patients meet with local nerve endocrine dyscrasia, chronic prostatitis can also be induced. That can be explained like this: when local nerve endocrine dyscrasia happens, urethral pressure increases, if opening of prostate tube is injured, those chemical substances can easily swoop in prostate in the form of reflux.
Dr.Lee reminds that protective measures should be taken to avoid damages brought by chronic prostatitis. Moreover, drug abuse is also not appropriate. For the reason that chronic prostatitis is not only a simple bacterial infectious disease, it can also be a local reflection of systemic diseases. If true causes are not be confirmed, but only to take medicine at random, the worst consequence is relapse. Hence, finding a reliable doctor or treatment is much more essential than taking no good drugs or being in a state of anxiety. 

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