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What symptoms will prostatitis patients experience?

Prostatitis is caused by inflammation of the prostate gland in men. Generally, the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are the result of a bacterial infection, but may also be caused by injury to the prostate gland. In addition to chronic prostatitis, there are three other types of prostatitis, such as asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis and acute bacterial prostatitis.

Some of the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are painful urination, painful ejaculations and pain in the abdominal region, lower back and groin area. A man with this condition is also likely to experience other problems involving urination, such as feeling an urgent need to urinate and frequent urination. Other symptoms of chronic prostatitis also may include the presence of blood in urine or semen, as well as fever and fatigue.
Sometimes referred to as a prostate infection, the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are often very painful and may interfere with the quality of a man’s life if left untreated. The frequent urge to urinate is common in men with this condition, and many experience frequent interruptions in sleep due to having to urinate throughout the night. During urination, a man with this condition may notice tinges of blood in the urine. Many men with prostatitis also experience nausea, chills and a high fever. Fatigue is frequently reported and may be due to a lack of sleep due to frequent bathroom visits during the night.
Men of all ages can be stricken with the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. While prostatitis is commonly caused by a bacterial infection, some types are not accompanied by inflammation, nor are they caused by bacteria. Injury or trauma affecting the prostate gland may also cause symptoms, but such are not usually accompanied by fever.
One of the most telltale symptoms of chronic prostatitis is chronic pelvic pain syndrome. In addition to pain in the pelvic area, men with this condition are likely to experience intense pain in the lower back, the testicles and the penis. Pressure in the pelvic area and a general feeling of discomfort may also be symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
During intercourse, a man may also experience symptoms of chronic prostatitis. In particular, a man is likely to feel pain when ejaculating and may even notice that blood is present in semen. In some men, the signs of chronic prostatitis may appear to subside or completely diminish only to suddenly return again.

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