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Common sense about the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is a common male's diseases. Chronic prostatitis can lead to symptoms such as urinary pain, urgency etc., which seriously influence the patient's health and life. So the effective treatment of chronic prostatitis is necessary. Below will introduce some comon sense about the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

1. Abnormal intercourse. Frequent intercourse, coitus interruptus
and excessive masturbation can cause prostate congestion. But excessive sex abstinence can also excite prostate naturally and cause congestion.
2. Directly oppress perineum. Riding bicycle, riding horses, sitting too long and so on, all these can lead to perineum repeated damage and cause prostate congestion.
3. Unhealthy life style. TCM theory holds that drinking and greasy food may cause inner heat and dampness which can make symptoms worse.
4. Excessive prostate massage. Improper prostate massage may irritate prostate and cause prostate congestion.
Doctor Li suggest that patients should take different treatments according to the different induced factors. To treat the prostate congestion factor caused prostatitis, patients should get rid of the factors and take herbal medicine to remove blood stasis. 

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