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The symptoms and causes of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease that occurs frequently in men .Prostatitis can affect men of all ages. According to the National Institutes of Health, prostatitis may account for up to 25% of all office visits for complaints involving the genital and urinary systems from young and middle-aged men.Most of men don’t know they are suffering prostatitis because they don’t know the symptoms and don’t see the doctor.If you still don’t understand the disease of prostatitis,please read on.


The symptoms of prostatitis


Prostatitis can cause many symptoms, including the following:
Difficult or painful urination
Frequent urination
Low-back pain
Pain in the penis, testicles or perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus)
Inability to get an erection
Decreased interest in sex


What causes prostatitis?


There are 2 kinds of prostatitis: acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. Both are caused by an infection of the prostate. Some kinds of prostatitis may be a result of the muscles of the pelvis or the bladder not working correctly.


Sometimes prostatitis is caused by a sexually transmitted organism, such as chlamydia. However, most cases of prostatitis are caused by infections that are not sexually transmitted. These infections can't be passed on to sexual partners.

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