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Drinking wine can make prostatitis symptoms more serious

According to clinical cases, drinking wine can make prostatitis symptoms more serious. Men woh like drinking are at higher risk of suffering prostatitis than men who don’t like drinking. 

The prostate has many functions. Prostatitis can affect the normal function of prostate. The prostate is a small organ located at the base of the bladder and wrapped around the urethra, the tube that empties the bladder through the penis. It sits in front of the rectum, and the back portion of the organ can be felt during rectal examination by a health care practitioner. 
The prostate's function is to help with the male reproductive system. It makes up to 70% of the fluid that is ejaculated during intercourse, mixing its secretions with the sperm that are made in the testicles. The prostate also contracts at the time of ejaculation to prevent retrograde (or backward) flow of semen into the bladder. Thus, serious prostatitis may affect male fertility.
As prostatitis has several types, many people don’t know how to distinguish. The most important laboratory test is a urinalysis to help differentiate the types of prostatitis. The need for other blood tests or imaging studies like ultrasound, X-ray, and computerized tomography (CT) will depend upon the clinical situation and presentation.
If you are receiving the treatment of prostatitis, you should avoid drinking wine. Many people now take herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis. Drinking wine can affect the effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and make prostatitis symptoms more serious. Wha’s more, spicy food should be avoided. It can affect the treatment of prostatitis.

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