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How to cure groin pain caused by prostatitis?

Groin pain is not a common symptom of prostatitis. When men suffer from prostatitis, groin pain may occur but only on a small gruop of people. It is difficult to explain why the pain caused by prostatitis can spread to the groins but such a pain can reduce and deminish with prostatitis treatment.

In the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, organs and tissues in genital system are in one system, thus should be treated as a whole. That when one organ gets inflammation the other organs can be affected too approves this conception. So when Chinese herbalists composes herbal formulas for treating prostatitis, the formula in most cases can work on other infection&inflammation of genital system as well. And the formula can wosk on most symptoms whicl occur around genital system too.

TCM doctors believes that when there’s a Qi blockage, there’s pain.Qi is with blood, so when local blood circulation is promoted, pain can reduce and then be cleared up. In order to treat groin pain caused by prostatitis, when treating the inflammation of prostate gland, Qi and blood circulation should be promoted meanwhile.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the very medicine to treat groin pain caused by prostatitis. It contains as much as 50 kinds of herbs. When treating this condition, herbs which can promote blood and Qi circulation are the most important ones. Along with others to clear up other prostatitis symptoms, prostatitis and groin pain can be treated. According to clinical reports, patients who take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can see improvement after one month and the condition can be completely cured after three to four months medication. 

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