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Brief introduction of chronic prostatitis: Causes, symptoms and treatment

 What is prostatitis

Prostatitis is a condition that occurs when the prostate becomes inflamed or swollen. It is considered a chronic condition when the symptoms last for three to six months. Although non bacteria can be found in its culture, there still are some signs of inflammation. Furthermore, the reason of this disease still is unknown. But, people also still hold the view that the causes of other prostatitis also are the causes of this type. Chronic prostatitis can occur for a variety of reasons.
Common causes of chronic prostatitis
Certain condition and medical procedures increase the risk of developing prostatitis. You are at higher risk for getting prostatitis if you recently have had a medical instrument, such as a urinary catheter inserted during a medical procedure.
Engage in rectal intercourse
Have an abnormal urinary tract
Have had a recent bladder infection
Have an enlarged prostate
Other causes may include autoimmune disease
Symptoms of chronic prostatitis
This type of prostatitis is harmful, because it brings so many pains to men including painful ejaculation and urination, and pain on penis, testicles and perineum. What’s more, patients also can experience frequent urination, urgent urination, fever, chills and vomiting.
Since prostatitis is so harmful and can be caused so easy, so it is necessary for men to learn some ways to cure prostatitis. Although antibiotic is common treatment of all type of prostatitis, but the newly approved herbal formula named Diureticand Anti-inflammatory Pill is better than antibiotic. This pill has no side-effect and no drug resistance, so not only its drug effect will be as good as the first day, but also won’t bring harms to liver and kidney. This pill can cure chronic type prostatitis within three months.

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