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Differences between prostatodynia and prostatitis

You may know what prostatitis is and you may know what is prostatodynia, but i believe that you dont know what the differences them are. In order to choose a better treatment, it is necessary for men to figure out what are the difference them have had.


Every one knows that prostate gland is an important organ in urinary system, and prostatodynia and prostatitis are the two most common diseases.


Prostatitis commonly happens on young men, while prostatodynia commonly happens on old men. Around 10% prostatitis are caused by bacterial invasion such as diplococcus gonorrhoeae, staphylococcus aureus, White beads coccus, mould, chlamydia and mycoplasma.and around 90% prostatitis are caused by non-bacteruria.


The infection rate of prostatitis is very high. In USA, about 20,000 thousand of men has this disease. Affecting prostatitis, the major symptom is prostate pain, this is difference from prostatodynia, cause it is one symptoms of prostatitis.


As for prostatodynia, the causes of this disease still is unknown. Some hold the view that after prostatitis, inflammation will cause fatigue for muscle, and then cause pain. While come take the opinion that the urine flowed to bladder makes prostate gland inflated and then has pain.


Prostatodynia has many symptoms, it commonly is seen on perineum area, lower abdominal area, tight, anus and so on. Different people has difference painful points, so although the pain is bearable, the annoying pain also makes men want to die.


I believe that you must know what are the differences between them after the brief introduction. If you still don't know how to distinguish them, you can go to hospital and ask for help from doctors. As for the treatment, antibiotic, herbal medicine ,injection, massage are good. You should choose one or two based on your own conditions. 

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