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Prostatitis is easier to be affected by office man

In our daily lives, a lots of men have the habits of wearing tight underwear or tight jean. Actually, this is a bad habit because prostatitis will find and stick on you if you do this for a long time. What's more, prostatitis, a disease resumed as old people disease, also can be affected by young men now. Many years ago, prostatitis is a disease for driver, but now it also is a disease for office men. But why those phenomenon happens?

With the development of Modern lives, every family has more than one cars, which means people don’t need to take walk for work. Due to the long time sitting, bad air quality, and bad blood circulation of prostatitis, toxic mand bad materials cannot be flushed out. If this phenomenon happens for a long time, prostate gland is easy to be congested and then caused prostatitis to men. This type of prostatitis commonly belongs to nonbacterial prostatitis.
Office men commonly have to sit on chair around 8 hours, which is the major reason of prostatitis, because long time sitting can press perineum, making this organ congestion and having prostatitis. If office men want to far away from prostatitis, they are better to take a walk per hour, because this way can release the pressure brought by sitting. There also is another way to release the pressure which is laid on bed. This way is better than walk.
Many nonbacterial prostatitis are chronic type and this might be caused by ignoring of men. Chronic prostatitis is very dangerous, because once it combined with other bacterial disease, not only the causes becomes complicated, but also the symptoms changes. Thus, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis should be viewed by men.
Once prostatitis happens, bad effect can be felt by men. Here has one treatment named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure chronic nonbacterial prostatitis within three months. 

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