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Why can prostatitis bring damage to reproductive ability in men?

With the development of high-tech, people don't need to take walk for work and also have no time to do exercise, thus more and more men affect prostatitis, and now the patients number still is increasing.although prostatitis isn't a uncurable disease, when it is severer, patients have to bear lots of complications and symptoms.

Prostatitis can be cured by antibiotic, massage, pain killer and herbal treatment, but i think herbal treatment is one of the best, for antibiotic has drug resistance and side-effect, massage cannot cure bacterial prostatitis and pain killer have to combine with antibiotic. Although herbal treatment works slowly, it has no such weaknesses other treatments have. If left this disease untreated, prostatitis will bring damages to men's reproductive ability. But why prostatitis can bring damage to reproductive ability?
As you may know that prostatitis is an important gland, the prostate fluid discharged by it is an important component of semen. There are a lot of minerals such as Na, Ca, CL and Zn. Zn is very important because it provides energy for sperm to move. But if having prostatitis, bacteria in prostate may infect prostate fluid, make semen infected too.
If having prostatitis, men not only can experience severer sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, but also the quality of sperm can be affected too. Thus, sperm may have no time to meet with egg and even it meet with egg, the bad quality of sperm may bring a disability baby to couples.
Prostatitis not only a disease can bring bad effect to men, but also can damage men's reproductive ability. However, there is no need for men to afraid of this disease, because it is curable as long as it can be cured in time. The herbal treatment Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill i mentioned above can cure prostatitis with three months.

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