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Sex guideline to prostatitis patients

According to Dr. Lee, the chief doctor from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, prostate is an important sexual gland, so men's sexual life can be affected greatly if having problems on this gland. However, prostatitis patient also cannot say no to sex because proper sex is good for prostate, so how to have sex with partners? Here, Dr, Lee will give prostatitis patients some advise.

The first principle is proper sex
Although chronic prostatitis cannot affect men's sexual ability from physical aspect, it can affect it from mental aspect. As we all know that sexual dysfunction is a result of physical and mental problem, so once men have had prostatitis and experienced those symptoms such as difficult in urinating, they may afraid that they cannot make partners achieve orgasm, so most of them tend to refuse sex.
Meanwhile, there also are some patients take the view that they should say no to sex until prostatitis is gone. However, this view is wrong, because proper sex won't make prostatitis severer, but can make it milder, because Proper sex can make congestion milder and make some inflammatory prostate fluid out. It is better for men to take one or two times a week.
After reading that you may wonder that can men get rid of prostatitis by taking proper sex? The answer is no. If men want to get rid of prostatitis, men should receive treatment such as antibiotic, massage, pain killer and herbal pill. No matter what kind of treatment you choose, it should base on your condition. If you have had liver or kidney problem, i recommend you to take herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill won’t bring harms to the two organs.
Sex is an amazing thing , so please don't let prostatitis destroy it. Prostatitis patients also can enjoy it. 

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