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Five misunderstanding about chronic prostatitis that patients should know

The first misunderstanding: chronic prostatitis and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) are the same thing.There are many patients confused the chronic prostatitis with BPH)and they also worried that chronic prostatitis can lead to the the BPH. In fact, these are all wrong. Because chronic prostatitis and BPH are two entirely different problems. They have different etiology and pathology. There is no necessary connection between them.

The second misunderstanding: only antibiotics can cure the prostatitis.
Most of prostatitis are nonbacterial. Some prostatitis are caused by kinds of pathogenic microorganism. So it may have effective result to use antibiotic for the patient with prostatitis. But it can't prevent the recurrence and also has side effect. So the prostatitis is hardly cured thoroughly by antibiotic.  There are more and more patients want to find some new ways to clean their prostatitis. Then herbal medicine may be a better choice for the prostatitis. Like Diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, it has no side effect.
The third misunderstanding: prostatitis can't be cured.
The pathologic change of chronic prostatitis is complicated. There are a lot of factors can lead to Congestion of prostate or recurrence of the prostatitis, such as over fatigue and be crapulent. No matter how serious the disease is, the condition of the prostatitis may be more better even disappeared after some find of treatments. So chronic prostatitis is not incurable, but the treatment way is not right or the patients are cant insist to cure it or the patients are not pay attention to the prevention and healthcare after curing. If the patients can find a right way to cure the prostatitis and prevent some harmful causes.The patients with prostatitis can be cured thoroughly.
The fourth misunderstanding: chronic prostatitis has infectiousness.
There are a lot of chronic prostatitis cant find the pathogenic bacterium, which is the nonbacterial prostatitis. As for this kind of chronic prostatitis, which has no infectiousness. The vagina of women has the function of self-cleaning and disease resistance. So general condition, patients with chronic can have sexual life.
The fifth misunderstanding: chronic prostatitis is a kind of STD.
Prostatitis is a common inflammation disease of the male reproductive system. For the patient cant cure it thoroughly, there are a lot of person think that prostatitis is a kind of STD. Prostatitis has acute prostatitis and chronicn prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is always caused by bacteria. Inflammation always caused by the bacteria from urethral, most of which is escherichia coli. Some other pathogenic bacterium also can enter into the prostate through the blood or lymph. At the usual time, there are no symptoms, but it can induce the prostatitis under the external factor. Such as cold, drink, long-distance cycle, urethra instrumental examination and so on. It may be a little serious, but it is not the STD.
According to Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, more and more patients from other countries choose to take Chinese herbal medication to cure prostatitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is entering the world market with its unique power to treat chronic prostatitis. With the new natural medication, the recovery from prostate problem become extremely easy.

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