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Four precautionary measures for chronic prostatitis patients

According to the length of the course, prostatitis can be divided into chronic and acute prostatitis two types. However, there also are connections between the two types. Halfway or improper treatment can make the acute type develops into chronic type. Thus, how to prevent or avoid the prostatitis becomes more important than treatment.


1. Good hygiene can prevent the reproduce of bacteria


Due to the bacterial infection is the major cause of chronic prostatitis, to avoid this disease, man should avoid the infection from the root. The specific environment and nature of Scrotum makes this organ a factory of bacteria. And the bacteria can arrive at the prostate gland by flowing against the current of urine, thus, man can affect prostatitis easily, if with bad hygiene. Of course, if you are already had the prostatitis, you can take antibiotics, massage, or Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.


2. Please do not hold urine


It is very harmful to prostate and bladder, if one hold urine. What's more, the left urine in the bladder also can bring prostatitis to man, because toxic materials in the left urine can bring lesion to prostate, bringing prostatitis to man gradually. 


3. Drink lots of water everyday


If the concentrate of the toxic materials in urine becomes too high, it will bring some stimulation to prostate. And if the prostate gland was stimulated by the high concentrated toxic materials for a long time, the chances of getting prostatitis is very high. Therefore, to reduce the stimulation, the concentration of the toxic materials should be reduced. And drinking lots of water is a good way. The increased urination can bring lots of toxic materials out, thus please drink lots of water everyday.


4. Proper sexual intercourse or masturbation


Prostate gland will stay in congestion for a long time, if one have frequent sexual intercourse, thus, the prostate cannot get enough rest and many prostate problems will be induced. What's more, masturbation also can bring congestion to prostate gland. And the bad hygiene can make bacteria into the body via hands, so protected sex and proper sexual intercourse are highly recommended.


Although the four precautionary measures are easy to do, to prevent the chronic prostatitis, the four precautionary measures should be done every day and every time. And once you are affected the prostatitis, please receive timely treatment like antibiotics, massage, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and so on.


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