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To cure prostatitis with neurasthenia, in addition to medical treatment, psychotherapy is also necessary

Among all the men's genital diseases, prostatitis is the most common one. What's more, prostatitis is also a terrible condition because it does harm to men both physically and mentally. In general, a lot of prostatitis patients, especially for those who have had chronic prostatitis, have neurasthenia. However, the neurasthenia can affect curative effect greatly. Therefore, to cure prostatitis with neurasthenia, in addition to medical treatment, psychotherapy is also needed. 
You may know that the major symptoms of prostatitis are difficult or painful urination, frequent or urgent urination, fever, low back pain, pain in the penis, testicles or perineum and sexual dysfunctions. But do you know that those symptoms are also the major causes of neurasthenia? 
Those symptoms can bring anxiety to men, affecting their life, work and mood. Generally speaking, the nerves around the prostate can transmit the discomfort signal to brain, bringing tension to brain nerve. Thus, under the stimulation of the symptoms mentioned above and the tension of brain nerve, it is easy for prostatitis patients to have the neurasthenia.
Furthermore, the poor effect of treatment is another important factor for neurasthenia. It is known to all that the antibiotic therapy is the prime choice for prostatitis and the effect of antibiotic does good at the beginning. However, with the appearance of drug resistance and damages on liver and kidney, most patients cannot get any improvement. Therefore, the neurasthenia can also be caused by this way, especially when the prostatitis cannot be cured within months.
To help those prostatitis patients with neurasthenia, both medical treatment and the psychotherapy are needed. As for proper treatment, compared with antibiotic therapy, one herbal pill named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is better, because this herbal pill neither have drug resistance nor bring harm to liver and kidney. As for the psychotherapy, there are two ways. Patients can build confidence or eliminate tension by consulting doctors. Of course, they can also regulate their mood or build confidence by taking part in some social activities or doing some exercises positively. However, excessive or furious exercises are not allowed.
All in all, to help prostatitis patient with neurasthenia free from prostatitis, not only the antibiotic or TCM therapy, self-regulation and confidence are also very important. And only by doing it like this, can patients get rid of prostatitis totally.

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