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Six main factors for causing chronic prostatitis syndrome

Many patients suffering from chronic prostatitis syndrome (CPS) attend urologic outpatient clinics. They often present with difficult diagnostic and therapeutic problems and suffer from a debilitating disease. Commonly, there are many causes of this disease. Here, the herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping, from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, will introduce six main factors for causing chronic prostatitis syndrome. 


1. Sexual intercourse too frequently. In general, this factor is the main cause of many genitourinary tract diseases. As sexual intercourse too frequently can make the prostate even the reproductive system deficiency of zinc. In this case, the antibacterial ability of the prostate will decline, and the prostate diseases can be induced. 


2. Unhealthy habits. For example, sedentary, long drive, long riding, long-term spicy foods and long-term masturbation can all make the prostate congested and swelling; they are likely to cause CPS.  


3. Infection. As infectious agents become the "culprit" of many urogenital tract diseases, they also play a great important role of CPS. Commonly, the pathogens like bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, anaerobes, gonorrhoeae, fungi and trichomoniasis can be the main cause of this disease. If men suffered from this disease, they can take western medicines like antibiotics or traditional Chinese medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to get a cure.


4. Voiding dysfunction. Long-term holding urine, cold stimulation and excessive drinking tend to make the prostate urethra and smooth muscle of the bladder neck contracted frequently, so the urinary function will be abnormal, casing the formation of residual urine. This residual urine may reflux to the prostate under the urethral pressure, finally causing the recurrent CPS.


5.Lack of activated zinc: prostate is rich in Zinc which is the composed of the prostate antibacterial ingredient. However, if prostate zinc level is abnormal, the original prostate immune function may be destroyed. Thus, chronic prostatitis syndrome can be induced. 


6.Emotional factors. When the spirit or psychology is in long depression or gloomy state, the autonomic dysfunction may get disorders. In this case, the human immunity function will weaken, and the prostatitis can be caused. 


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