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Reasons why herbal pill is better than typical prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis is a high morbidity disease. It is also frequently contracted by middle-aged men. Although this condition is curable for many typical treatments like antibiotic therapy, surgery, prostate massage, I believe that herbal pill is better than them and here are the reasons.

It is a non-surgical treatment
Commonly, postoperative infection can be caught if there is incomplete sterilization or bad postoperative genital hygiene. Therefore, if one takes surgery to cure his prostatitis, he has to face the postoperative infection. But people who take herbal pill have no need to worry about the postoperative infection. They just need to follow the doctors’ advice and see the improvements. 
It is natural and safe
There is no doubt that the function of liver and kidney can be affected or damaged by the metabolism of antibiotics. On the contrary, herbal pill is quite safe to take, because the ingredients of herbal pills are from nature, most of them are from plants. Therefore, herbal pill can be viewed as food mainly. Therefore, herbal pill will produce no damage on live rand kidney while curing prostatitis. What’s more, herbal pill is easy to be digested. 
It has no drug resistance
As is known, antibiotics are unsuitable for a long time taking because of the drug resistance. Generally speaking, if prostatitis cannot be healed by antibiotics within one month treatment, the longer the antibiotics they take, the worse the effect they get. While, herbal formula does not have such problems. Commonly, the longer you take, the better the effect you get. Take one patented herbal pill Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for example. People who take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for their prostatitis usually experience no improvement at the first week, but slight improvement can be experienced at the middle at the first treating course. And significant improvement can be seen at the end of the first treating period. Finally, they can get a cure within three months treating course.
It has multiple functions
Since different herbs have different functions, it is common for one herbal pill with multiple functions by combing some herbs together. Take the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pillagain. The significant effect of this herbal pill on prostatitis is appreciated by its functions. It not only can promote blood circulation, dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis, but also can clear away heat and toxic materials, improve immunity and enhance self-healing ability. Therefore, there is no doubt why chronic prostatitis which cannot be cured by antibiotics can be cured by herbal pill totally.

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