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Symptoms of advanced prostatitis

Prostatitis can be classified into acute and chronic prostatitis. It can also be divided into specific and nonspecific, or bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis. At the early stage, we all know that men can experience frequent urination, painful urination and urgent urination. But what kinds of symptoms advanced prostatitis victims can experience?

1.Aggravated frequent urination. Generally speaking, aggravated frequent urination is one of the most typical symptoms of advanced prostatitis. Some patients even can experience severe painful and urgent urination.
2.Extended urination time. Prostatitis man at the terminal stage can also experience weak urination and dribbling. Sometimes, they can also have their pants wetted. Therefore, the urination time is longer than before. 
3.Gradually aggravated urinating difficulty. At the final stage, every time when urinating, patients need to press their abdominal area with fingers. What's more, at the final stage, they can also experience reduced urine volume and severe urine retention, because the prostate hyperplasia brings extended prostate tract to them. Sometime, men can also experience urinary obstruction without hyperplasia, because it can also be caused by constriction on urinary tract.
4.Residual urine. Residual urine commonly provides an agreeable situation for bacteria, so under the stimulation of long term urine obstruction, symptoms like painful urine and disease like UTI can be experienced.
5.Urine retention. Duo to the urine obstruction or weak constriction of bladder muscle, residual urine cannot be expelled from bladder. Therefore, urine retention can be experience at the final stage. Moreover, this condition can also be caused by cold, drinking, holding urine or drug abuse.
According to the brief introduction, there is doubt that prostatitis victims must know what they can experience if letting the prostatitis untreated. Therefore, if you are a victim of prostatitis, please take timely and proper treatment. 
Antibiotic therapy, as one of the most common treatment, is more suitable for acute or bacterial prostatitis, because the side-effect like drug resistance can affect the efficacy of antibiotics and extend the treating course. For those chronic or nonbacterial prostatitis patients, herbal therapy is a good choice. One patented herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help chronic or nonbacterial prostatitis sufferers. This herbal pill can promote blood circulation, activate QI, dissolve stasis, soften hardness, dissipate mass, clear heat and resolve dampness. Furthermore, this herbal pill also has no drug resistance. Therefore, its effect will be as good as the first day. Based on the data released from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, the cure rate can be 90% high. 


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