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Can bacteria from mouth lead to prostatitis?

Undoubtedly that the main cause of prostatitis is bacterial infection. Therefore, to prevent the prostatitis, preventing infection is priority level one. However, there are so many bacteria in the universes that can bring men the prostatitis, which are hard to avoid. The question can bacteria from month lead to prostatitis gains much attention. 

Can the prostatitis be caused by bacteria from month? Actually, the answer is complicated and depends on the bacteria you have.
It is impossible for men to contract prostatitis if these are no sexually transmitted bacteria
As is known to all, there are a large number of bacteria in month, including beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. According to some reports, the most common six bacteria in month are streptococcus, bacteroides, fusobacterium, candida, actinomycetes, and trichomonad. Some bacteria mentioned above like the bacteroides are good for people. On the contrary, some bacteria, like candida which is an opportunistic pathogen and trichomonad are bad for healthy. But a great amount of bacteria in month won’t bring prostatitis to men. Men are pretty safe from prostatitis until they have these bacteria in their month.
It is possible for men to contract prostatitis if they are sexually transmitted bacteria
Confirmed by more and more institutions and organizations that the sexually transmitted bacteria, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, candida and mycoplasma can survive in month after taking an unprotected oral sex for the infected people. However, only having them cannot bring the prostatitis to men, because it is too far for these bacteria to spread to the prostate via blood circulation. However, it is possible for men to acquire the prostatitis, if their sexual organs have direct contact with fingers tainted by saliva while masturbation. Nevertheless, the change still is lower than direct sexual contact.
All in all, the answer to this question “can bacteria from month lead to prostatitis” depends on the bacteria men have and the things they do. Although the chance is low, Men should also pay attention to it and learn some curing methods, in case of the contraction of prostatitis. Once you are affected the prostatitis, please try antibiotic therapy or Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. But a patient whose prostatitis is caused by candida unsuits to take antibiotic therapy, because it is an opportunistic pathogen. For them, the best treatment is herbal medicine.  

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