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Can untreated gonorrhea in males lead to prostatitis?

Gonorrhea which is also known as the “clap” or “drip” is a contagious disease that commonly is transmitted via sexual contact. Although this condition can bring lots of symptoms to men, the curing is easy and with good effect. However, due to this reason, a large number of people don’t take this condition as a big deal and commonly tend to leave the gonorrhea untreated.

What kind of complications men will get if they left this condition untreated? Can the untreated gonorrhea in males lead to prostatitis? Actually, the untreated gonorrhea can bring lots of complications to men like epididymitis, painful condition on the testicles, UTI and of course, the prostatitis.
How does the gonorrhea bring the prostatitis to men? As is known to all that the gonorrhea can spread to the blood or the joints and the blood circulations connects all the organs together. Therefore, the gonorrhea can arrive at any organs via the blood circulation. 
Commonly, the prostate has strong immunity to prevent infection. But it is easy for men to affect the prostatitis, especially when he is on weak immunity or sick. With the growth of the gonorrhea, more and more gonorrhea can arrive at and attack the prostate gland, if men refuse to cure this condition in time. Therefore, this is how the untreated gonorrhea in males brings them the prostatitis.
Since the untreated gonorrhea is so dangerous and can bring so many complications or consequences to men, how to cure this condition and its complications becomes more important.
Antibiotic therapy is commonly used to treat the gonorrhea. What’s more, the effect is excellent. However, the antibiotic therapy is not as good as on curing its complications. Therefore, those victims who have gonorrhea and complications like prostatitis should try other more effective treatment.
Herbal medicine would be a good replacement. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, for instance, not only can clear the gonorrhea for men, but also has excellent effect on curing its complications. By combining more than 50 natural herbs together, this herbal medicine contains lots of marvelous functions like strong ability on clearing toxic materials, promoting blood circulation, enhancing immunity system and improving self-healing ability. Therefore, herbal medicine can be a better choice for men. 
All in all, to prevent the prostatitis on men with gonorrhea, the most effective way is curing gonorrhea in time.

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