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To radically cure prostatitis, avoiding the side effects of the drugs is the key

Prostatitis has been the high incidence of prostatitis in male diseases, while it is still a stubborn illness to be treated. Many patients will appear the case of recurrent after the treatment, which also makes the patients lose confidence in the treatment. Whether prostatitis can be treated or not is also focused much attention to the medical domain. The herbalist Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic explains that the key point for the radically cure of the prostatitis is to avoid the side effects of the drugs. 

Drug side effects are the main cause of recurrent prostatitis 
The treatment of prostatitis is currently dominated antibiotics, such as the commonly used ofloxacin and levofloxacin, but the best choice of antibiotics should be judged based on the susceptibility testing. Although the broadly clinical use of antibiotics indeed have a therapeutic effect. However, the characteristic of antibiotic resistance can also not be ignored, which is the main said effect of these drugs.
The emergence of drug resistance is the root cause of recurrent prostatitis, especially in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. As chronic disease take much time to avoid the side effects of antibiotics, long-term use of antibiotics is not recommended. It is best to find a natural treatment, such as the traditional Chinese medicine. 
TCM can avoid the side effects to radical cure prostatitis
According to traditional Chinese medicine, they hold the view that to treat prostatitis not only from the symptoms but from the root causes. For the symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency and other urinary tract infections, they will apply the herbs which can clear away heat and kill bacteria, promote diuresis and treat stranguria to release these symptoms. For the variety of pain and discomforts, herbs which can active blood and promote Qi is also applied, such as the herbs like Peach Seed, Angelica sinensis, red peony etc. 
All in all, prostatitis is curable. To radical cure this disease, avoiding the side effects of the drugs is the key. Patients should also note that when antibiotics haven't effect, they should choose another treatment or drug like herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. The herbal medicine has been recognized by the SIPO, and patients can take it trustworthy for the prostatitis treatment.

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